IBSB (Industrial Biotechnology and Systems Biology) research group at the Department of Bioengineering (Marmara University) is led by Ebru Toksoy Oner as PI and is composed of post-graduates and associates. To learn more, you can visit.                                                                                                   


Current research in IBSB focuses on biomaterials, bioprocesses, functional foods and systems microbiology. Ongoing research topics are fructans and levan polysaccharide, extremophiles and their bioproducts, bioadhesives, functional biosurfaces and optimization of fermentation processes to design high-yield production lines. 

Please visit our web site to learn more about IBSB


  • Marmara University Department of Bioengineering Goztepe Campus 34722 Istanbul - Turkey
  • Phone : +90 216 348 0292
  • Phone Ext : 726, 730, 728
  • E-Mail: info@halomonaslevan.com
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You Are Invited to International Fructan Symposium 2020
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